Training seafarers on handling cargo safely has great impact on achieving safety commitments, but there are a lot of difficulties and obstacles which prevent securing the excellence, such as handing over the MSDS in short period before starting loading, and the English language issue with non-British crew..
We highly recommend shipowners to have copy of IMSBC (International Maritime Solid Bulk Cargo Code) and IMDGC (International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code) in all spoken languages onboard in addition to request from the shippers the same for the specific MSDS.

A safety meeting and hazards analysis (participated by stevedores and relevant personnel) shall be the first step of any loading plan.


Register of Lifting Appliances and Items of Loose Gear

We have noticed a lot of shipowners consider lifting appliances as Unnecessary deal relying on the class technical file which shows nothing regarding lifting appliances…
Register of Lifting Appliances and Items of Loose Gear
And in many cases there is no instructions manual and no load specification card..
Looking forward more safety, shipowners and classification societies shall pay more attention for ILO Convention No. 152, 1979
Especially in offshore industry where we can see onboard all masters are doing proper risk assessment and clear rigging plan before any lifting operation.