1- Managing Risks:

Maritime Shipping, Ports, Deep Sea & Coast Fishing, Energy, Construction, Schools, Kinder Gardens, Nursing Homes, Team Leadership, Personnel, Pandemic, IT Security, Fire Protection, And More…
We also help you to strengthen weakness points and increasing awareness in your organisation by training your staff & seafarers to know how to manage risks in an effective and involved manner.

2- Maritime Training:
ISM, ISPS, Sale And Purchase of Ships, Introduction to Maritime Law, Draft and Ulage Survey, Long-Range ship’s Identification and Tracking-LRIT, Fleet Management, Time Management, Port State Control-PSC, Maritime English, Radio Communication, Cargo Survey, IMO Conventions, Registration, Draft Survey, Search And Rescue-SAR, Ballast Water Management.

3- Shipboard Surveys, Inspections & Gap Analysis:
P&I and H&M Surveys, Shipboard audits – ISM, EMS, OHSAS, EnES, ILO, ISPS and Navigational Safety Audits, Pre – Vetting Inspections, Oil Surveys & Loss Control, Cargo Damage Surveys, Draft Surveys, Third Party Survey, MLC 2006 Gap Analysis & Inspection.

4- Vessel Condition Assessment:
Pre-purchase vessel inspections; inspection of all accessible areas, including the following: Hull Condition/ Cargo equipment/ Deck equipment/ Accommodation areas/ Navigation equipment/ Machinery.
Pre chartering assessments and survey; Inspecting & verifying the vessel is suitable for the intended voyages.
On / Off Hire Vessel Condition Surveys; General overall condition of the vessel at the time of delivery or re-delivery, with emphasis of vessel’s cargo related items & equipment.

5- Ship Manuals, Plans & DOCs:
Deck and Machinery log books, Cargo Securing Manual, Emergency Towing arrangement Manual, STS plan, Electronic SMS manuals, Training Manuals for Cargo Ships and Tankers, Fire Training Manual, Life Saving Appliances Training Manual, Vessel Response Plan, Garbage Management Plan, Ballast Water Management Plan, Shipboard Marine Pollution Emergency Plan, Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan, VOC Management Plan, ISPS Plan, MLC 2006 toolkit (Licensing Manual, Employment Manual, Medical Manual, Seafarers’ Employment Agreements, Annual Leave Calculator, Payroll Manual & Complaint Procedure), PIWR Plans, IHM Plans, Maritime Cyber Risk Management Plans, Ballast Water System Installation Plans, etc..

6- Ports & Harbours:
ISPS plan, Port Waste Management Plan, Port Security Assessment, Risk Management & Feasibilities Studies.

7- Ship Care & Ship Management:

7.1- Ship Care:
High quality, cost effective solutions to marine, cruise and offshore industries using highly skilled and experienced engineers and technicians, Composite patching and overlay technology- COMPA, Ship new buildings and refits & Vibrations and noise reduction solutions.

7.2- Ship Management:
Supervision and management of ships, advising & helping new established maritime companies to manage their fleet in compliance of the below codes & standards:

  1. ISM (International Safety Management);
  2. ISPS (International Ship and Port Facility Security Code);
  3. MODU (Code of Mobile Offshore Drilling Units);
  4. GOMO (Guidelines for Offshore Marine Operations) 2011;
  5. IJUBOA CoP (International Jack Up Barge Owners Association Code Of Practice);
  6. MLC (Maritime Labour Convention);
  7. PI, KPI & SPI (Performance Indicators, Key Performance Indicators & Ship Performance Indicators);
  8. ISO 9001, 14001, 50001 & OHSAS 18001

8- Ship Design & Maritime Software

  • Initial and contract design (Classification documentation, Hull lines fairing)
  • Detailed design and production drawings
  • Structural FEM analysis
  • Modelling of ship design process
  • Design of crashworthy structures
  • Risk based design
  • Conceptual desins of environment – friendly ships
  • Design Development
  • Specification
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Plan Approval
  • Project Management
  • Energy Saving Solutions

9- Ship Registration & Ship Classification

  • Flag state inspections
  • Ship classification surveys
  • Maritime RCA / Incident Investigation

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